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Miss Sawyer

Welcome to 1S! We are off to a fantastic start!

Year 1 students will be embarking on the Soundwaves spelling program this year and will take a list of words home each Monday to learn. We have been writing recounts about our holiday experiences and learning to include time connectives to assist the reader in knowing when something happened. Later on in the term, we will be examining and writing information reports.

So far in maths lessons, we have been focussing on ‘whole number’ concepts, including place value, numbers before, numbers after, different ways of representing numbers and ordering numbers.

1S will be visiting the library on Wednesdays. At the library they will share a special story, learn how to locate books in a library setting and have the opportunity to borrow books to enjoy at home. Please ensure students have their library bag.

Every Wednesday afternoon, we head to the library to have a Science lesson with Mrs Saville. This term’s unit is called ‘Changes all around’.

Fridays are very busy, but super fun. We start the day with K-2 Sport, then do a spelling test on the words we were learning that week, plus any other content that needs assessing. At 1:20pm we have our whole school assembly in the hall and then after recess we finish off any tasks which are incomplete and have Fun Friday!

I look forward to working with this wonderful school community again to make this a productive and enjoyable year.


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