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 Mr Dominick     

Each day 1/2D starts with fruit break where we may listen to Mr Dominick read or our friends sharing news. Following fruit break we begin our morning with levelled reading and literacy groups where we engage in activities on a rotational basis. Activities are developed to be achievable within a short time frame, differentiated to suit all ability levels, and are able to be completed independently or with partners.

After literacy groups, we continue our literacy focus with the SoundWaves program, Writing focus, Handwriting or Grammar. In writing the children of 1/2D have been working hard on improving their Recounts. We are learning to retell events or experiences, using factual and imaginative prompts to start the writing process. Later this term we will move our focus to Information Reports.

Monday and Tuesday mornings are 1/2D’s days to focus on the SoundWaves sound program. Year 1 students are guided by Mrs Drysdale, and Year 2 students are guided by Mr Dominick. We have begun Friday handwriting practice to ensure we are using the correct posture and grip to improve handwriting form and legibility.

Monday afternoons are an exciting part of the week as we participate in Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) groups! Students and teachers are split into four different disciplines; Choir, Drama, Dance and Percussion.

Tuesday afternoon we express our creativity in Visual Arts. This term we are exploring different artistic elements and discussing the job of an artist and the purpose of art.

On Thursday morning Mr Dominick is replaced by Ms Saville, our school’s librarian. Every Thursday children are encouraged to bring their book bag to borrow from the exciting selection of books. After borrowing is complete, we begin Science with Ms Saville. Our focus this term in Science is The Physical World.

Friday is Sport day at Charlestown Public School. Students in Years K - 2 are developing Fundamental Movement Skills on a weekly basis. Groups are given a detailed introduction to the Fundamental Movement Skill, followed by practice of the specific skill, concluding with a game using the taught skills.

Friday is also our day to return homework and home reading folders. Students may be placed in a draw during assembly for completing and returning a week of home reading, and for displaying positive attitudes over the week.

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