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Mr Gaffney

Hello from the 3G Crew!

The 3G Crew is an explorative bunch of learners discovering a wide array of facts and fiction together in 2021. Together with Mr Gaffney, the 3G Crew will write, read and run their way through the year. 

Our year has already started with a few reconnaissance trips into the school yard searching for patterns and resources to conduct an experiment where we are trying to harvest salt from salt water just like some of the characters in one of our reading books. 

We love to read books for information and for fun. Often the funnier the better. We like it when stories make us think hard about the characters and their actions or just laugh hard at funny jokes. 

When writing, we aim to write just like we read. Funny or seriously thoughtful or just to inform, either way members of the 3G Crew strive to achieve their goals. 

Mathematics is a great opportunity for all learners to take risks and expand their knowledge. Errors in mathematics are opportunities for growth. Exploring and using our hands is a constant theme with the 3G Crew. Our class activities will be shared across our Class Dojo site. 


Assembly continues to be on a Friday. Any student who has accrued sufficient awards to achieve the next level of merits can bring in these awards in preparation for the next assembly. 

Sport Day is Friday. Year 3 students will be enjoying games and sports that encourage the development of Fundamental Movement Skills and promote teamwork. This will be combined with daily fitness activities such as skipping, park run, circuit work and always some GoNoodle in the classroom.

Wednesday is note day so be on the look out for information that can also be found on the SchoolBag App or in the newsletter. During the year homework will be distributed weekly on a Monday to be returned on Friday. Please look over the tasks with your child and guide them if needed. 

Don't forget your fruit break each day and apples can be put on the slinky machine at any break time. 

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you sometime soon. 

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