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Mrs Cromarty and Mrs Kondov

What a wonderful start 2/3C have had to 2021! We have a class full of vibrant, inquisitive learners who are keen to be challenged. The class consists of six Year 3 students and 19 Year 2 students. The students have settled into our class routine and enjoy working together in group learning activities. The class teachers are Mrs Cromarty (Mon to Wed) and Mrs Kondov (Thurs and Fri).

Reading Groups are held Mondays to Thursdays each week rotating through a variety of literacy activities targeted at each student’s independent reading level. Rotations will include activities such as Soundwaves spelling, independent reading, guided reading with the teacher, grammar, editing and Reading Eggs. We do reading warm ups before reading groups each day.

The writing focus this term is Narratives Weeks 2-5 and Expositions 6-10. Students will be working towards achieving their individual writing goals when constructing written texts. We have joined a Pen Pal Club and will be writing letters to students in a 2/3 class from South Australia. The class are very excited to write and receive letters whilst learning about children from another school in another state!

In Maths, our focus will be on two topics each week. Topics we will be learning during the term include whole number, mass, patterns and algebra, length, addition and subtraction, time, 2D shapes, multiplication and division, data, area, fractions and decimals, volume and capacity, position, angles, chance and 3D objects. Before every maths lesson, we do maths warm ups.

The class have library and science with Mrs Saville on a Tuesday morning. Students are encouraged to borrow a book for home and a book to keep in their tray in the classroom to read during quiet reading time.


We participate in fitness activities Monday to Thursday and do sport on Fridays. Our PDH unit this term is You Can Do It!


2/3C visit the computer room on Thursday afternoons with Mrs Kondov and Assemblies are on Fridays.


Should you wish to contact us please feel free to chat to us after school, contact the office to make an appointment or send a message through Class Dojo.


We look forward to meeting you at the Parent Information afternoon.


Mrs Cromarty and Mrs Kondov

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