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Ms Hale

The first few weeks of the term have been very busy for 5/6H. We have been completing our start of year assessment tasks and getting into our daily routines.  Three mornings a week the whole school takes part in a 15 minute fitness program and the class also does Brain Gym to activate the brain to help with learning.

We have Crunch and Sip each morning, when we eat a piece of fruit or vegetables to recharge our bodies and help us become more alert learners.

Our Literacy sessions consist of ‘Soundwaves’ spelling, guided reading groups, handwriting and literacy games. Our writing focus for the term is Narrative and Persuasive texts.

This term we are studying the novel ‘The Goldfish Boy’ by Lisa Thompson.

In Maths we focus on two topics each week.

Number and Algebra- Addition and subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Money and Financial Mathematics, Patterns and Algebra, Fractions and Decimals

Statistics and Probability- Data and Chance

Measurement and Geometry- Length, Area, Volume and Capacity, Mass, Time, 2D Shapes and 3D Objects, Angles and Position

Maths Warm ups- are done daily to transfer learning from short term memory to long term memory.

This term, our Science topic is ‘Earth and Space’ and is taught by Mrs Etherington. Our visual arts activities are related to this topic.

Each Friday we participate in sport for an hour.

Library is on Monday for borrowing or Wednesday and Thursday at lunchtime.

Our assemblies are held every Friday at 1.20pm, we look forward to seeing you there once the COVID situation has eased.

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