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Mrs Taylor

KT is full of enthusiastic, hardworking, young learners who are positive thinkers. We have had an amazing year so far and have lots of energy to take us all the way through to the end of Term 4.

The morning session is our Literacy Focus. We are an Early Stage One L3 school (Language, Learning and Literacy) implementing the L3 program as part of our everyday learning. Our main focus is small group intensive instruction. We focus on sounds, digraphs, blends, sight words, spelling, writing, letter formation and word families. We learn how to read, how to write and how to apply these skills into our everyday lives.  We learn this through meaningful activities that we are interested in and enjoy with our friends. We work together on making the children's learning a success but at the same time challenge their thinking and promote curiosity.

During our morning session we also participate in our "Crunch and Sip" program which allows us the opportunity to eat a piece of fruit, some vegetables pieces and drink some water. This teaches us healthy eating habits.

In Mathematics this term our learning will focus on topics of Time, 2D Space, Whole Number, Addition, Subtraction, Length, Position, Mass, Space 3D and Area. During our lessons we do maths warm ups, work in groups, as a whole class, complete activities on the computers, interactive whiteboard and Ipads, and use hands-on resources. We focus on one sub strand per week.

Each Wednesday afternoon, Mrs Drysdale will teach Science and Technology. This term in Science, KT will explore the unit ‘Physical World’ and in Computer Technologies we will be focusing on computer skills, identifying parts of a computer and exploring digital literacy through Tux Paint. 

On Monday afternoons Kindergarten will be visiting the library on where will share a special story, learn how to locate books in a library setting and have the opportunity to borrow books to enjoy at home. During this time we also participate in Creative and Practical Arts Groups. This Term Kindergarten are participating in choir as our focus and learning a song, dance.

On Friday we have STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and CCT (Creative and Critical Thinking) groups. During this time we learn how to code our class robots, be creative and build our design thinking skills whilst using technology.

From Monday to Thursday we participate in PE activities for the first 15 minutes of the day to increase our fitness. Sport is on Friday mornings and all of Kindergarten join together to participate in Fundamental Movement activities. This term for PDH we are completing the Child Protection Program.

Kindergarten is a very busy place, full of learning and lots of fun activities. We love a challenge and know we can always improve.

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