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Miss Darcy

Congratulations Kindergarten and Year 1 on a fantastic start to your learning journey for 2021. What an exciting and busy start we have had over the past 3 weeks.

This term, Kindergarten students will be introduced to the alphabet and start to identify that every letter makes its own special sound. Students will learn a sound and action to support with learning the sounds through the Jolly Phonics program. Year 1 students will be embarking on the SoundWaves sound program and are exploring how to construct a recount when writing. All K/1D students will start Home Reading ‘Blue or Purple Folder’, books can be changed daily. Kindergarten and Year 1 will have different homework weekly to consolidate the learning within the classroom.

We have also started our count to 100 days of school. Each day K/1D explore a new number and see the many ways we can represent that number i.e., numeral, word, tally, tens frame and place value. Once students have counted to 100, we celebrate the amazing milestone by having a ‘100 days of school’ celebration. Students will be asked to bring 100 of ‘something’ for example; marbles, shells, straws, to support them in playing many counting and grouping games on the day.

Each day we will have L3 Language, Learning and Literacy Groups. Students are placed in five mixed ability groups and rotate around a variety of engaging, fun and differentiated literacy activities. Students love being called over to the Engine Room where they have an explicit and guided reading lesson with Miss Darcy.

This term K/1D will be visiting the library on Mondays. At the library they will share a special story, learn how to locate books in a library setting and have the opportunity to borrow books to enjoy at home.

When Miss Darcy has her planning time each Wednesday afternoon, Mrs Saville will teach the Science and Geography. This term in Science, K/1D will explore all things Earth and Space – Changes in Our World and in Geography we will be looking at Special Places in Our World!

We love Fridays! K/1D start their day with K-2 Sport, then we are super busy and are assessed on the content taught that week. After lunch we go to the computer room where we learn how to log on, use a keyboard and mouse and be creative using technology. After computers we have our Whole School Assembly in the Hall which families are more than welcome to come. After recess we finish off any tasks which are incomplete from our week and then have Fun Friday!

Thanks for stopping by, Miss Darcy 

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