Charlestown Public School

Integrity- respect, responsibility, kindness, teamwork, good learners!

Telephone02 4943 4063 or 02 4943 4137

Our classes

At Charlestown Public School in 2023, there are 10 classes catering for a school population of 231 students. Each class has access to a broad range of  resources across all key learning areas. All classrooms are air-conditioned and have Interactive White Boards. The teachers are well trained and are extremely professional, attending to the needs of all students.

Each class program caters to the individual needs of every student. Differentiating the curriculum is a key responsibility of each and every teacher. Group work is a major feature in every classroom.

Every class is supported by additional teaching staff and a very dedicated office staff.

The additional staff include: a Learning Assistance Support Teacher; a Librarian; a Release from Face-to-Face teacher; an Intervention teacher; as well as an English as a second language teacher when necessary.