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High Potential and Gifted Education

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What is meant by high potential and gifted?

High potential students are those whose potential exceeds that of students of the same age in one or more domains – intellectual, social-emotional, physical and creative. Their potential may be assessed as beyond the average range across any domain. They may benefit from an enriched or extended curriculum and learning opportunities beyond the typical level of students the same age.

Gifted students’ potential significantly exceeds that of students of the same age in one or more domains. Gagné and others commonly estimate 10% of students may be considered gifted. They typically develop talent and achieve mastery notably faster than their age peers.

Highly gifted students’ potential vastly exceeds that of students of the same age in one or more domains. Highly gifted students have potential assessed in the top 1% or less of age peers. Highly gifted students may require specific and more significant curriculum adjustments to meet their learning and wellbeing needs.


CPS High Potential and Gifted Identification Process

Identification will be based on the following information:

• Parent nomination;

• Student self‐nomination;

• Teacher nomination;

• School results and/or other relevant information.

All nominations will be screened and students monitored to determine the best way for their needs to be met. This may include differentiation of class programs, inclusion in the school - based enrichment programs, participation in activities run by Whitebridge High School, attendance at special sporting events, leadership opportunities or opportunities to attend specialist workshops. Once a student has been identified and screened for inclusion in one of the above, parents will be notified.

It is important to note that students who generally achieve good results in formal classes are not necessarily gifted. Conversely, some students who generally do NOT demonstrate strong academic achievement could be gifted. Often a dormant gift lies within a child and isn’t discovered until an opportunity presents itself; therefore, if a child expresses a strong interest in an area, it’s likely to develop into a talent given an opportunity to develop it. The accompanying checklist may help you to determine if your child has high potential or is indeed gifted in one or more of the domains. In general terms, gifted students have a passion for learning about new things, and demonstrate drive and persistence when tackling difficult problems even when they seem too difficult. 

If you feel that your child is demonstrating high potential and giftedness, we want to know about it! If you would like to nominate your child, please complete the attached checklist and return it to the front office. A self-nomination form is also attached should your child wish to complete it to nominate themselves.

Parent nomination form

Student nomination form

Parents may also find the attached list of services useful.

Gerric service list