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Parents and citizens association

Parents and Citizens Association

The Parents' and Citizens' Association of Charlestown Public School meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7pm in the library.

Meetings usually run for about 60-90 minutes and are held in a friendly and valued environment which is dedicated to raising funds for much needed resources. Here we discuss upcoming fundraising events and the school's agenda.

Meetings are open to Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Citizens of Charlestown Public School. All parents are encouraged to come along and have a say. Parents new to Charlestown Public School are especially invited to P & C meetings and functions as a way of meeting other parents.

As a P & C we are only able to raise much needed funds for our school with your help. Whether you purchase something in a fundraiser or volunteer your time, all help is appreciated. If you can help at any time with a current fundraiser please contact one of the P & C representatives or let the office know.

Our major priorities are our students, their education and the environment in which they can learn. 

To stay informed of all P & C news, please join our Facebook page.

President: Linda Todorovski

Vice President / Event Coordinator: Rachel Millard

Vice President / Promotions Manager: Alicia Hoye

Secretary: Kate King

Treasurer: Vanessa Bulloch

Canteen Convenors: Maryanne Sternbeck and Laura Van Kraay

Clothing Pool Coordinator: Jessica Chang

Grant applications: Marisa Martin

P and C information


P&C Life Membership Policy

Life Membership Policy (pdf 97 KB) Rev Mar 2015 


The school has a wonderful canteen that has a broad menu. The canteen is open 3 days a week for lunch and recess. Students are encouraged to order. The canteen is managed by the P&C Committee through the Canteen Convenor (s) and is staffed by volunteers. The canteen menu strictly follows the guidelines of the Healthy Canteen Strategy.

For more information and menus, please click here.

Uniforms and Clothing Pool

All items of the CPS uniform can be purchased on-site at school from the Clothing Pool Store or through online ordering.

Please visit our Uniform page for all the details.